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7 Superb Writng Tips for driving Traffic

Till now, you've made a blog, wrote some post and generated traffic in your blog. I wonder if you're satisfied with the amount of traffic gained or not. If you're satisfied than its cool for you but if you're not satisfied and searching for some superb ways to generate traffic in your blog just by using the power of Writing Posts, this article on KTM-Blogger will be very useful to you. 
 Below are 8 superb tips that will surely help you generate much more traffic than you'd got before in your Blog/Website. Follow them and you'll be closer to your success.

1).  Write for the Readers
 I don't thing any blogger in this world wants to become the reader of his/her own blog/site. Everybody who is in this blogging field wants others to be his readers. For this you've to keep one thing in your head that you shouldn't post what you know/want to, instead you should have a guess of what your readers want from you and its your duty to get the things for them now because if they love you now, they're never gonna leave you later even if you have stopped writing for the blog.

2).Use the Right Medium
 From the heading, I want to let you know that before starting a blog, you've to think of the medium you're going to blog. Its up to you what type of blog you want. You can ask yourself what type of blog you want to run whether you will like to run a video blog or a pictorial blog or a article based blog. But before you start the blog, be sure that its gonna suit your niche. For eg: If you want to run a blog which shows photos of the ancient time, it will be best if you insert more of the pictures and less of the videos and texts. I hope you're clear from the example given.

3.Write More
 You guyz might find this as a headache if you've reading the older posts of this blog because I've mentioned this heading in most of my posts. Keep one thing in head that search engines index you frequently and you've more people to look after your blog if you've more posts. Its for sure that the more you write, the more people are gonna rush in your blog and the more the rushers, the more the traffic and finally the more the traffic, the nearer you are to your success.

4).Good Headlines/Titles
 Only writing more is not sufficient. If you want your visitors not to go back seeing the headlines, you've to be sure that you've a cool title of your post. Reports show that the posts including "how to" and "numbers" in their titles have more page views than the others. Here, number refers to the heading of this post 
"eg: 5 superb ways to make dollars"
Also, you've to give more time for deciding the title as they play a vital role for increasing traffic in your blog.

5). Research
When you're in internet/web, you can find millions of blogs under the niche of yours. So, you've to be unique and much more informative than the other ones out there. If you start to do copy-paste stuff on your blog then, you might get the visitors for one time but they won't come to you from the next time. So, make the habit of researching before you write. Before writing this post, I'd done research for about 2 hours in 6 high ranked blogs under my and finally, I was able to write this lengthy and informative post.

6). Article Marketing
 This can help you a lot if you've the ability and power of writing lengthy posts. If you can do so, you can submit your best and lengthy articles in article submission sites like Ezine Articles and see the results. Well, I'm not sure about how it works because I've not submitted any articles there but I'm thinking of writing one and submitting. After submission of my article, I will write a review of it in this blog.

7). Guest Blogging
 Finally and ultimately comes the most powerful tool for driving much traffic to your blog and that is "Guest Blogging". You might be familiar with this word because where ever you go searching for the tips for driving huge traffic, this point comes with great importance and a brief explanation.  You can go to earlier section of this blog in which I've written about guest posting by clicking here. You can find lots of sites to submit guest posts and they're sure the jackpots for your blog as they're gonna send you much amount of traffic. So, try guest posting and see the results.

In the next post, I'll be showing some other ways to generate traffic which are not related with writing and they're easy to follow and all are absolutely free. I have hope that after you read this post, you'll try out some of the methods mentioned and if you do so, there's no doubt that you're getting much more traffic than before because I've already tried them and have seen lots of difference in traffic.

What's next?
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                                                  Happy Blogging


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