Tuesday, May 14, 2013

5 Super Tips to Drive Traffic

In this post, I'll be showing you some superb tips other than related to writing to drive massive amount of traffic in your blog. These are not just ordinary tips which are found on the internet but are practically tested and viewed results by me. I've seen massing change in the visitor's list in the past few days after implementing them for my blog. I'll be listing them instead of briefing like I used to do in my older posts as it'll be too  lengthy and you'll get bored reading 

1). Blog Commenting

Commenting on other blogs makes others to find about you. As there are millions of blogs and thousands of them are successful ones which almost everyone in your niche knows about. So, you're commenting on these blogs means that you're also trying out a chance to get yourselves known by the millions of others who visit those thousands of successful websites. From this, there are sure chances of getting much more rush in your blog than before.

2). Social Sharing
 In these days, almost everyone has a Facebook account and you might also have some 500+ friends out there. Other than Facebook, there are other popular sharing sites like Twitter, Stumbleupon, Digg etc. which you can use to increase traffic in your blog. This is the most easiest way to increase traffic as all you have to do is open up your FB or twitter or SU account ans share the posts directly from these sites. Also you can ask your friends/fans to share them on their particular accounts and this is surely gonna help you get rush in your blog.

3).Submitting blog to search engines
 This is also one of the important source for driving traffic. When you submit your blogs to search engines and any users these search engines search for a keyword that you've on your blog, the search engines will show up a result of your blog with the address and it'll send them to your blog. This is how, it is gonna help you to drive traffic.

4). Tag your posts
 This thing is also gonna help you for increasing traffic. Tagging posts means linking the posts related with each other and when your readers read them and want to know more, they often try out the linked words and click them and the links send them to other posts of your blog. This helps you to make your visitors get lost in your blog and there are much chances that they'll subscribe to your blog.

5). Submit your blog in directories
This is also another great way to increase your blog's traffic. There are hundreds of directories in which you can submit your blogs. Few of them costs you money for good and others are all free. Click here to go to the page where I've listed most of the famous bog directory's names.So, try them out and see the results.

What's next?
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