Sunday, November 11, 2012

Blogging Resources

If you are a newbie or a problogger you may face some blogging problem in your blogging journey. And I am quite sure many blogger faces various problems before and after making blog like blog platform, Domain registrations hosting, Image, blog promotion etc. But there are lots of resource site out there to reduce our blogging problem and make our blogging journey easy. Here I am about to discuss some very useful site which will be helpful for you.

Blogging platform

If you want to make a blog, you have to choose a blogging platform. You may choose free blogging platform like blogger or you may use blogging content management software like wordpress in your own host. If you are totally newbie and just want to get the idea or practice blogging then you may use free blogging platform which will host your blog totally free. But every serious blogger who is serious on blogging or want to make money blogging should go for own host. Let’s see the list of some blogging platform. Blogger is owned by google and one of the most popular free blogging platform among blogger especially newbie blogger. and provides you free host wordpress blogging software. And from you can download wordpress blogging software and host it in your own host. That’s almost every blogger do. This is another popular platform to use free. It is best for media post.
Livejournal.comIt also very popular service. It offers both paid and free service.
Clearblogs.comIt also provides free service and nice user friendly template. you can host unlimited post here for free or you can move paid service.

Domain and hosting service

Domain and hosting service really affect blogging success. So here I have listed some very trusted service provider among blogger.

Free stock image site to use in your blog

Most of blogger like to use photo in their blog. Image not only increase the beautiness, but also help a lot in seo. There are lots of stock photo site to get your free photo to use in your blog.

Blog marketing

After making a blog most of the blogger find it difficult to promote their blog to get targeted traffic. Here I have listed some site to promote your blog.

Blog directory

Directory submission is a great way to get traffic and Backlinks. Here are some blog directories to help you.


Forum is another place to promote your blog. There are lots of blog out there. Actually it’s really hard to be active of those forums. So try to join at least 4 or 5 forum and be active.

Blog communities

Blog community always helps a lot to make relationship with other blogger on your niche. If you can use it effectively, it can be a great traffic source.

Blog ping service

It’s quite hard even impossible to send your post in all media site. But ping service really reduces this by sending your blog post to social media site at once.

Social media

Social media is one of the best places to promote your blog. Most of the successful blogger are very active in social media site because it really a great place to drive traffic to you site.

Article directory

I am quite sure you know about article marketing. Article marketing really helps to get Backlinks and traffic. To get a better result you should write at least 2 articles and submit those in different directory.

Blog template site

Those sites have a huge collection of blog template.
I think those site will really help you to make your blogging journey easy andmake money blogging. If you have anything to share with me please leave a comment.


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