Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sites for Writing Guest Posts

Hello everyone,

This is my new post after a long period of time. I was out of city for some time and I couldn't write in my blog as I don't have a laptop along with me. So, after coming here, I directly started writing the continuation post that I'd promised. I found out good response in my older post. It was viewed for 50 times with more than 10 share and 2 comments. Its nice for my blog but my traffic was not good. I am now going out of Alexa which is just opposite of my goal in this blog.  Now i'm going to continue my topic . Here I'll write 4 websites which will be best traffic source for your blog if you write for them.

 And here it goes!

As name it is clear that this blog is of a pro blogger. Yes, it is. Its of Darren Rowse also known as problogger. Also, if you want to be a pro blogger, I suggest you to go in this blog. It has got 3221 Alexa world rank and has more than 100,000 daily visitors I guess and more than 140,000 subscribers. If you write a guest post for this site and it gets approved, then be sure you'll get at least 500 visitors and an unbelievable number of readers for your blog.( I don't mean millions but more than  that you get in average.)
So, try for this web site and wait for it to get accepted. If its not accepted then don't worry, there is always a next time and you can try to other sites also.Also, you'll get a quality backlink from this website.

This is a web site of a young blogger who is also not less than Darren Rowse although his web site's ranking is. YoungPrePro has been able to secure 17,313 world rank in Alexa( my  blog is ranked 14Million Lolz) and also it has much number of loyal readers. It has a combined of more tan 15,000 readers which is also a great number. Writing for this blog, you'll be knowing what actually is guest post because it is very difficult to get accepted here. This site's owner is Onibalusi Bamidele and he's making more than $5000 from this website and other freelancing works. So, try for this website to get much visitors, more readers and much experience in guest posting so that it can be useful for you to write for other websites. Also, you'll get a quality backlink from this website.

As the name, so it the site. This blog teaches you how to blog in a smart way and make smart success in your blogging career. This blog's owner is Sushant Risodkar. He's making more than $10,000 from this website and various other works like affiliate marketing, adds and much more. Readers are not disclose but I don't think it has less than 7000 subscribers. I'm also one of them. Writing on this blog will give you the same experiences and advantages that you get from . So, write for this website. This blog also opens Guest Blogging Contests by participating and wining, you'll get chances to make money online. So, try for this website as much as you can because you'll not be in loss by writing for this website.

Website of John Chow, this site teaches you to make money online . As he says, " I make money online by telling other peoples how I make money online", he teaches the actual methods of making money online and getting blogging success. This site is ranked 8,077 in Alexa world rank which is very large number and also this site has much more visitors than other sites. Linking to this website, you'll get much quality backlink. This site has more than 200,00 subscribers and when you write for this blog, you'll also get large number of readers for your blog but as for other blogs, its also very difficult for your posts to get accepted in this website. So, try and try until you die for this website because it matters a lot. This blog makes more than $40,000 a month as according to John Chow, the owner. 

There are many other sites, for which you can write guest posts. I only recommended the best est of the best. So, try for these websites and also search for others..

IF you have anything to add, use the comment box to comment... I'd appreciated that..

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