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Guide To Guest posting #1

This is the first guide,. here' we'll discuss 2 more topics on guest blogging and our guest posting session will end !

What is Guest Posting?

Well, this question might arouse in your mind when you're knowing a net thing "Guest Posting". What exactly is that? Well, there are many answers in the internet but I found this answer best, simple and short.
According to,
"Guest blogging is the act of writing for another blog, with the hope of getting quality back-links, getting traffic, gaining exposure and building relationships."

There are 2 types of guest posting as:
!). Paid  Posting &
!). Free Posting

Paid posting means you get paid for writing to other people's blog/website. Here in this post, we're going to learn something about the advantages of Guest posting.

There are many advantages of guest posting like:
!) More Subscribers
!).Money Making Opportunities
!). Back-Links and much more.

here, we're going to discuss on these advantages one by one.

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First of all comes traffic. When you think of writing for others, you obviously thing of writing for a big blog/site with lots of visitors, more subscribers and quality back-links. If your post is accepted in that blog then, hundreds of thousands of people will see your post and from there if some of them will want more interesting stuff, they'll click on the link that you provide on that particular site/blog. This will help you to increase your blog/site's traffic in a large number. Also you'll get good ranking in Alexa because of high traffic. 
Second comes more subscribers. When you write for a big blog, it obviously has big no. of subscribers who view your post in big number.  If some of then are interested and want to be updated with daily post in your blog, they'll use the subscription box of your blog to subscribe. ( if you're still in confusion about Email Subscription box, click here to goto our previous post in which we've discussed how to put a subscription box on blog.)  Since, they've subscribed in your blog, your blog's subscriber's number is increasing which is a major step of blogging success.
After that comes Reputation. You're writing for a big blog means you've been known to thousands of other newbies or pro-bloggers in blogging sector. This is the major chance of getting reputation in your blogging career and also you'll be known to many people and some of them will write about you in their blog by which you're name will be famous in Blogosphere. 
Similarly comes Money Making Opportunities. Since you're guest post is viewed by hundreds of thousands of people, some might be interested to hire you to write for your blog. For this, you'll also be paid in some amount (dollars). This way, you're making money online via. guest posting which is the major aim of this blog. 
Lastly comes back-links. IT's not only back links but quality back-links. You've been granted a linking opportunity with a high ranking web site/blog. So you're links in will increase in number and this will help you to get good page rank in Google Page Rank and much increased number in Alexa.

Finally, I want to say that there are all positive impacts and advantages of writing a guest post. This will help you to remove your laziness and increase your thinking and writing capacity which will motivate you to write even more guest posts and they'll get accepted which will help you gain more success in your blogging career. I'm also starting to write  guest posts for some sites and wait for them to be accepted.  In our next post, we'll be discussing some of the sites for which you should write guest post to gain blogging success. Till then,

                                                         Happy Blogging


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