Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How to make a Blog?

This is the common question in the mind of all those fellows, who want to start their blogging career. It can also be a great problem in your blogging career if you don't know how to make a blog and maintain its stats( overall activities like comment checking, traffic checking, post entries, editing posts). So, to solve this problem, I'm going to write a short but a worthy post on the topic
 How to make a blog "  and here it goes,

How to make a blog?
Its very simple. Just goto and follow the process. Be sure you have a valid G-mail address if you want to make a blog which is cool and awesome as you via. Blogger.

After you make an account on blogger, your dashboard opens and there is a button which says "New Blog". Just look at this picture below and you'll understand it clearly..
After you click there a page like this pops out
 And there you go, choose the desired name and URL of your Blog.
Set your desired template by choosing from the templates box and then your blog is all set to go!!

If you have any queries, feel free to ask using the comment form below!!

 Happy Blogging


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