Friday, October 19, 2012

Display Subscription Box on your blog

                      " its the time to start "

Now that you have a blog. You know how to customize it and how to make it a successful blog, its time for subscribers on your blog. I mean its the time to show that you can also have some followers because you've much worth contents on your blog. Your visitors are turning to your subscribers, which is the first step of success. I've also been able to get 5 subscribers in 5 days of starting this blog and an average of 20-30 visitors everyday. My blog's total visitors till today is 147 in 5 days which is an average of 29-30. This is very good number for the new blog and also good numbers of subscribers. 
Today, I'm going to show to how to display feedburner subscribe box in your blog. Its very easy and simple to do. Just follow these steps and you'll be able to get your own subscribe box for your blog. 

!). Goto and login to your dashboard.
!). Click on the layout  which is on the left side of the screen.
!).After then, click in the "Add a Gadget" bar.
after then a new window pops out in which there are many gadgets which can be added on your blog.
!). Then, click on the "Follow by Email" bar and do the rest and you're all set.

See, this is so easy to set up. If you haven't understood the process, here's the series of photo below seeing which you'll be able to add the Email Subscription box. 

1st process

Then after 

2nd process

final process

In our next post, we'll be discussing on how to show the feedburner count button on your blog. Till then,
  Happy Blogging


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