Monday, April 22, 2013

Chitika: An alternative to Adsense

Some of you might be thinking that Adsense is the only and best way to monetize your Blog through CPC adds. You guys must have applied to Adsense. If you have got accepted then, its great. I congratulate you for that. But, there are some cases that you might not have been accepted just like me. I've been once disapproved and disabled in my two G Mail accounts.  

For those who have wish and thought of making money through CPC adds via. your website and have got Disapproved by Adsense, there is another great option to you. I'll tell you at first that it is not as good as Adsense but you know "something is better than nothing". It won't pay you as much as Adsense does but it'll certainly pay you. For those of you, who don't have any ideas about Chitika here's a post defining it.

Chitika is an online ad network that caters over four billion strategically targeted ads each month to a network of over 250,000+ sites, making it the second largest network of its kind. Chitika ads are known across the industry for their ability to perform unlike any other, leveraging its proprietary targeting and optimization technology - a delicate blend of “Art + Science”- to ensure delivery of intent driven ads to the right user, at the right time and in the right place. Chitika’s advertising partners include; Yahoo!, Superpages, yellowbook, ServiceMagic and Shopzilla, and are leveraged by publishers in the network to drive audience engagement and boost revenue.

If you want to learn much about Chitika, its milestones and its advertising partners, click here: 
I've already started to run Chitika adds on this blog. Lets see how does it works for me. Hope you'll also get much from it.  

If you any assistance and/or not understanding anything about it, feel free to post your queries on the comment box below or contact me throught my Email address my clicking here

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bloggers Junction

There are many bloggers who might be searching for a place in the internet (like a junction), where they can meet other bloggers and share what they have got and also get tips from others.  
Well, many of you might have a common idea about it i.e. Facebook. You are absolutely right. There is no place like Facebook to share your ideas with your friends. But on Facebook, we don't make only the bloggers as friends and many of your friends might not have any idea about your blog the niche about which you're writing. I'm saying this from my experience because I've got not even a single friends who blogs in my list of 700+ friends. This means I can't expect much from Facebook. So, I went around the internet searching for a place just like Facebook, where you can follow others and get followed and meet hundreds of thousands of people who blog on the same niche in which you're blogging and luckily I found out a site which is called as Bloggers.

The name clearly defines it. Well, its a very popular site and most of you might have known about it but for those who don't have any idea about it, let me give you some.

Here in Bloggers, you can open an account (just like Facebook but without chat options), you can add your blogs (if you've any) as much as you want and also can search and follow other hundreds of thousands of bloggers, who are blogging on the particular niche which you're blogging and also get followed by others if they find your blog and account worthy.  Its so nice being at Bloggers. Also you can search for the posts relating to your niche and get hundreds of results for free and read them till you've finished .

So, I recommend you to go to Bloggers and check it out if you haven't yet. Its really fun and worth spending time there than in any other Blogger's Junction. You can find millions of bloggers out there ad be friend with them.  If you want to add me in Bloggers, click here

                              Good Night and Happy Blogging To all the Bloggers

Top Tips That Make Blog Marketing Easier

There are millions of blogs already. More are being created every day. As this numbers swells more and more, marketing your blog becomes tougher. Even a niche-focused blog faces fierce competition. Therefore, it’s vital that you make yourself aware of the key tactics to get the word out about your blog. You’ll certainly want to reach out a larger audience, right?
Well, given below are eleven of the most important tips that will make blog marketing easier for you.

#1. Write for a Specific Readership
When you have chosen a niche to blog about, you are actually seeking a specific audience or readership. Therefore, every post or piece of content that you publish on your blog should be targeted to that specific readership, to people who really care about what you have got to say. If you are writing for just anyone, you are actually wasting all of your budget and time.

#2. Be Consistent
Even before you launch your blog, you should make sure you have at least 100 topics in advance to write on. In fact, you should have a large percentage of this content ready-to-publish. That’s exactly where the role of an editorial calendar comes into play. By planning your content in advance, you’ll find it easy to post consistently, and keep readers coming over and over again.

Depending on the niche you focus on, you may decide to post multiple posts in a day or at least 3-4 posts every week.

#3. Create a Little Controversy
Controversy works quite well for marketing. That doesn’t mean you need to make every post on your blog controversial. But you can utilize this tactic at least a couple of times every 2-3 months. For example, if other bloggers in your niche are saying ‘right’, say ‘left’. Try to present a different opinion or angle on a hot or trending topic in your niche. This is a proven tactic for attracting tons of eyeballs to your blog over a short period of time.

However, always keep a close watch that you don’t harm your reputation in any way while writing controversial posts.

#4. Guest Post
Guest posting or guest blogging is an extremely powerful way of marketing your blog and reach out to a new audience. Select popular and semi-popular blogs in your niche and start to guest post, at least 4-5 times a month. Remember, guest blogging doesn’t only market your niche blog, but it also improves the overall SEO of your blog for the long-term.

#5. Sell Less, Teach More
If money is all on your mind, you’ll make this mistake quite easily. Over-selling sends a signal that you care less about your readers and are more focused on making money. To make blog marketing easy as a cakewalk, you should focus more on teaching or educating readers, for free.

When Mark Stelzner lauched his blog SocialMediaExaminer, he didn’t sell a thing for as long as a year. Today, his blog ranks among the most successful social media blogs on the web.

#6. Optimize (Both for People and Search Engines)
Appropriate optimization makes blog marketing easier. But you need to optimize your blog both from people’s and search engine’s point of view. On the one hand, simplify subscription by offering readers numerous options of subscribing to your niche blog. On the other hand, pay close attention to the SEO of titles, URLs, images and other parts of content on your blog.

If you are yet to understand how SEO works, it’s advisable to hire an experienced SEO professional for the job.

#7. Respond to Comments
Replying to your readers’ comments is an excellent way of saying you care. Even when people disagree with your viewpoint, you should reply in a polite and tactful way to keep them coming.

#8. Submit Press Releases
Press releases work well even today, provided you do it appropriately. Whether it’s about the launch of your new blog, addition of new features to your blog or the launch of a new product or service, use press releases to market your blog in an effective way. Don’t forget to optimize the press release.

#9. Get Active on Social Media Websites
Social media websites offers bloggers with a powerful opportunity to reach out to a target audience in real time, interact with them and engage them. If you plan to market your blog quickly, social media participation can never be ignored. In fact, you should work out an effective strategy before you join popular social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin.

And yes, don’t forget Pinterest.

#10. Join Relevant Forums
Identify useful and relevant web forums and discussion threads in your niche and participate actively. Web Master World, Warrior Forum and Digital Point are good examples of these forums where you can share your expertise, and attract eyeballs towards your blog by sharing resourceful posts with other users.

When you join a specific forum, make sure you stick to their terms and post on a regular basis. Since forums are very targeted and specific, forum marketing works extremely well for bloggers.

#11. Network (More and More)
This is one of the best. Networking with other bloggers in your niche brings you several good opportunities to market your blog. You can meet fellow bloggers or niche experts at social media platforms, web forums and industry-related events. Keep looking for such opportunities and connecting.

If you are struggling to grow your blog, you should pay some serious attention to marketing it in an effective way. With these tips at hand, I’m sure you wouldn’t want to waste any more time. So, get started right away!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Back to Blogging

Hello Everyone, 
Its been a longtime since I've not posted any contents on this blog. The reason is that I forgot the password and was trying to recover. Now, due to Google's help, I've been able to recover my password and run this blog again.
Seeing my blog's Dashboard, I found out that the blog's getting a good response  even though I've not posted anything. The blog's getting more than 50 visitors everyday. That's really a nice response from you people and I would like to thank all of your for your help. However, the Adsense has been Disabled now which is a bad news since it was my only source of income from this blog. But that doesn't matters. 

From now on, I'll be posting many ideas and tips that will help you to make money online from your blog and our series will start from the last one. So, stay tuned and keep watching the posts till you get the best.


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