Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bloggers Junction

There are many bloggers who might be searching for a place in the internet (like a junction), where they can meet other bloggers and share what they have got and also get tips from others.  
Well, many of you might have a common idea about it i.e. Facebook. You are absolutely right. There is no place like Facebook to share your ideas with your friends. But on Facebook, we don't make only the bloggers as friends and many of your friends might not have any idea about your blog the niche about which you're writing. I'm saying this from my experience because I've got not even a single friends who blogs in my list of 700+ friends. This means I can't expect much from Facebook. So, I went around the internet searching for a place just like Facebook, where you can follow others and get followed and meet hundreds of thousands of people who blog on the same niche in which you're blogging and luckily I found out a site which is called as Bloggers.

The name clearly defines it. Well, its a very popular site and most of you might have known about it but for those who don't have any idea about it, let me give you some.

Here in Bloggers, you can open an account (just like Facebook but without chat options), you can add your blogs (if you've any) as much as you want and also can search and follow other hundreds of thousands of bloggers, who are blogging on the particular niche which you're blogging and also get followed by others if they find your blog and account worthy.  Its so nice being at Bloggers. Also you can search for the posts relating to your niche and get hundreds of results for free and read them till you've finished .

So, I recommend you to go to Bloggers and check it out if you haven't yet. Its really fun and worth spending time there than in any other Blogger's Junction. You can find millions of bloggers out there ad be friend with them.  If you want to add me in Bloggers, click here

                              Good Night and Happy Blogging To all the Bloggers


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