Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Choosing Name and URL of Blog

This is the easiest thing in blogging.  You might be thinking why is this stupid telling us that easy thing.
Well, everyone knows to keep a name and address for their site/blog but they might not know how to keep the names. So, today in this post, I'm going to tell you how to keep the name and URL of your blog to get blogging success.

!). Choosing a Unique URL: Everybody knows the word blogging and if you search for this word then you'll not find a good URL for your blog. So, search for words which are uncommon in blogging (for eg: I'm running this blog telling blogging success but my blog's name is KTM-blogger with URL It doesn't matters what URl I chose but i have a cool and interesting URL)

!). Searching for the topic that you want to make a blog: You only try to make blog in that topic in which you can write well and attract your visitors.

!). Google Search: Search for the unique names in Google in which you can make a nice blog with a Unique name.

I'm pretty sure that these tips will help you in your blogging career.

                                               Happy Blogging


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