Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Making Money Online

Now that you've a well managed blog, much important resources for your blogging success, its time to go for some extra cash for yourself. I'm talking about making money online. Now the dream is going to be true.
Here are some of the ways from which you can generate money from your blog.

1). Adsense: I don't think there is anyone in blogging who doesn't knows about Adsense. Well, for saying, it is a ad service program run by Google, which enables you to show ads on your website. Google pays you for every ads that are clicked from your website. By showing ads, Google generates billions of dollars as profit for themselves and share some amount to us. We're the one who promote make them make money.
There are lot of policies of Google Adsense. You can see them by clicking here:
This is the best way to make money online of your Google Adsense account gets activated.

2). Chitika: Chitika is also a service as Adsense, but it is slight different. Chitika is based upon the click of ads, that you get from UK and European visitors. IF you have much visitors from Europe, then it is good for you. For me, it is completely worse because I've got gust 100 visitors from Europe till now. But the advantage is you've much chance of getting accepted and if you have European visitors, its a boon to you.  you can see the policies of Chitika by clicking here:

3). Showing Advertisement: This is probably the best way to make money online of you have a well furnished blog with much number of visitors( 1000+). If you're getting 30-40 thousand visitors and good ranking in Alexa and Good Page rank  you might like to show ads on your website. As there are thousands to see your site, there may be some people liking to advertise. All you have to do is show advertisement on your blog/website and charge them according to your will. But for this, you'll have to get much visitors and transfer your blog into a self hosted domain because no one shows ads on a blogger/wordpress blog. So, you'll have to work much harder and as you know, The" hard work pays"

4). Premium Contents: This might be confusing to you. One example is SeoMoz. They have lots of quality contents on their site for free but to get the ultimate SEO resaources, you've to subscribe on a monthly basis. Well, I hope you have understood.To make money fro this, you've to create an interesting and awesome post with some VIP parts password protected and make it clickable to a page from where they have to subscribe by paying money to you via. Paypal or other services. This might help you to make money online from blog.

These are some of the important resources for making money online. You can find lots of them in Google searching keyword "Making Money Online".

If you feel that you've some other points to add, simply post it as Email. We'll recommend your poind\t and add it if it is necessary and interesting with your name and URL.

I hope now you'll now make money from your blog. One thing to tell you, just don't forget to read the polices before doing anything. They're really worth looking for.

                                          I wish you    Happy Blogging


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