Sunday, May 12, 2013

Blog is a School

When I see my situation, I find blog as a school. For me going to school and going to my blog are almost similar and I find out blog as a school. Below are few points which resembles a blog as a school.

Admission of the Blog
From the heading, you might not be clear to what I'm saying. By the word admission, which is mostly used in school, I mean registration of blogs in different platforms like Blogger, Wordpress. If you're willing for a .com domain you have to pay some bugs for admitting your blog and from here your blogging life starts.

I will like to relate Internet as the school bag and uniform which is must for the school. You are not going to school unless you have a bag to carry off your loads. Same way, without internet you won't be able to go to your blog. It is the must for admitting yourself to.blogging because without internet, you can't do anything.

Other famous blogs
I would like to relate them with the text books which we have to read when we're preparing ourselves for school and exams. Here in blogging, I would like to.prefer the Professional Blogger's blogs as the text books of the school as they are the primary and most important source from where we learn blogging.

Posts and contents
I would like to relate then with the exams that we have in the school but here in Blogging, we have lots of exams as we have to write frequently. The more we read our texts and notes, the better we score. Here also, the more we read plfrom the professional blogs, the more quality contents we can write and the more marks we can score.

Blogging Success/Failure
Finally and ultimately, I will like to relate then with the grades that we get from our exams. The grades that you get are up to how much you've learnt in your study time and the more the reference you search and look for, the more you get. This might be the starting of your success or your failure. Those who fail here, they don't dare to try once again but in my view, it wontl't cost you anything to try again. So don't try to cheat yourselves y being the lazy ones who don't try for second time ir become a copy blogger( who copies others contents and shows then in own blog). This thing is never gonna help you in your blogging career instead try to pull you towards hell. So don't be lazy and try once again. This post is for those who never dare to try once again. Please don't cheat yourselves and try once again. Who knows what great thibg is waiting for your arrival??

              HAPPY BLOGGING


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