Thursday, June 20, 2013

5 Tips to reduce Bounce Rates

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Its been a long time that I've not written any article on KTM-Blogger. Today, after more than 1 week, I'm writing this post to give continuity to the Bounce rate episode. In this post, I'll be writing down the methods to reduce bounce rates of your website in a very easy way.

  • Write More
    The obvious technique to lessen the bounce rates is just writing more. People won't mind viewing more than the Home Page if you've got more pages on the blog. This trick is sure to decrease the bounce rate and some people find it pain in the ass just to write more in the blog that they love.
Don't be like those lazies. If you want to reduce the bounce rates and be successful, don't forget to write more posts on your blog.

  • Link the posts
 This trick also helps a lot when it comes to decrease the bounce rates. Suppose you have written a lengthy post which have many parts where links to other posts of your blog would be more helpful to the readers of the post. If you publish the post without linking, your readers will just see the post, comment/share if they loved them and that's all. It'll not help much to reduce bounce rate if they've found the post from search engines.
But, if you've many posts/pages in your blog which can be linked with the many other posts, it'll surely help you much more. The one post will help you reduce bounce rate, get more pageviews and also will give a chance to expose your writing skill. So, interlinking the posts in your blog will help you a lot when it comes to reducing bounce rates.

  • Load Speed
Speed is also a determining factor for reducing bounce rates. If you've got a site which loads faster then, people will find it easy to view the pages and posts and this will help you to decrease the bounce rates. So, be sure to make your site load faster with less apps installed and no reloading.

  • Design
Design also determines your bounce rates. Know a fact that you're not Seth Godin and your won't get a great response if you've got a poor design. For getting the people to view more articles, you've make it look attractive and beautiful that the readers will be attracted like a magnet pulling a nail in the nearest range.

  • Make it Easy
I've told it many times that you're not the one to read your blog. You've got the mass to view your skill.So, until you get famous, you've to make it easy for the readers to view your articles so that they can get to more of your articles and if your readers stay and see at least 2 articles, you've been successful to reduce the bounce rate for a minimum and if so happens will all of your visitors, you're successful to reduce the bounce rate to minimum and you're close to success.

These are just the simple tips that won't bother you much to follow them to reduce the bounce rates. Be sure to follow them and be successful to reduce the bounce rates to the minimum. To your Success
-Kanchan Sharma

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