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5 reason your bounce rates are high

Before going with the article, I would like to introduce you to bounce rate if in case you're unfamiliar.
Bounce Rate is a percentage of visits on your blog that goes only one time.
From this, you can understand that when a person comes to your site and sees what you've written and leaves off without seeing other things, then the person has contributed to increase bounce rate. If your blog's article are viewed in much number by a single visitor then you're surely getting low bounce rates which is a awesome thing and that means that your blog/site is doing well.

How to check bounce rate?
The answer is Google Analytics. It provides you the full data of your bounce rates, average time on site, total no. of pageviews and many other stuffs. Click here to go to Google Analytics.

What has bounce rate to do with your site?
As mentioned above, you're doing well if you're getting less bounce rates. If you've got more than 70% bounce rate then you can figure out that your blog/site is in critical condition. You've to work hard on your site's functionality to wear off this high bounce rate.
By seeing the bounce rate, you can also predict how your visitors are looking at you. If you've got less bounce rates, then you can be sure than your visitors are not bored from your article and they search for the related articles in your Blog and this means you're doing well.

Reasons for high Bounce rates
A high bounce rate can be caused due to various factors in which the following are included:

  • Single Page Site
This can be considered as a primary factor for high bounce rate. A single page site means you've got almost 100% bounce rate as there are no other pages where your visitors can click. If a Blog which works on "Blogging" niche creates a single page site, there are much chances that he will suck.
When you're in Blogging, never think of making a single page site as Blog is like a diary where you've to post on a regular basis which will interest the visitors. If you're thinking of a single page site, your visitors will be bored of seeing the same thing again and again and will stop visiting your site which will pout it in a critical condition.

  • Incorrect Implementation of tracking code
For getting the correct analytics of Bounce rates on Google Analytics, you need to install the tracking code on each and every page/post of your blog. If you've missed adding it on some of your blog's posts and the readers went on that particular post where you've not added the tracking code, Google will think of it as a Bounced visitor and won't think of decreasing your bounce rate. So, do think about this thing because if you don't get it right, you're sure for getting high bounce rates in your analytics.
For more information about this stuff, I recommend you to go to Analytics Help and search for your queries and get the best result.

  • Improper Content
The content thing comes in all the place. Whether you've to get more visitors or get more subscribers or to make money money from your blog/site, content is the major factor, which will help you a ton. Here in the analytics, content has a lot to do. If you've written great article and readers get what they wanted, then there much chances that the readers will look out for other great stuffs of yours. But, if your blog has a lot of contents and they're not related to your niche then, those of the visitors who come to your blog searching for worthy articles will find out your blog as a boredom and will leave will instantly.
So, think before you write. Don't just bark what you know but try to write what others want to know. Keep in mind that you've got a great brain and you can gain much from it if you utilized it more carefully. Write awesome articles that relate to your blog's niche and you can see that you've less bounce rates.

  • No Option
You might be thinking what I'm trying to say by "No Option". Well, its quite easy. By no option, I mean you're not providing opportunities to your visitors easily to jump to another page from the one they're reading. If you make it difficult for your readers to surf the pages of your blog then, they'll not try to do so and you're the one in loss because once they leave your blog with bad mind then, they'll probably not come to your blog once more and you'll lose a great visitor of your blog. So think about it and try to solve it.

  • Poor Design
You might have understood from the heading. If your blog has lots of articles which are really unique and cannot be found easily one the web but you've got a poor look of your website/blog and everything unmanaged then, chances are there that your blog/site might not get good response. If your blog's reader has come from Google search and saw your poorly designed blog, then he might thing of leaving your blog immediately after coming in and this thing is going to soar up your bounce rate. So, think about it.
Learn to create a good design and attract your visitors much more.

In this post, I've only mentioned the reasons that soar up the bounce rate of your blog. Note that these are not only the factors that affects the bounce rates. There are various others factors  like load speed, mobile appearance,pop ups and many more but I found them the primitive ones to soar up bounce rate and wrote about them.
In the next post, I'll be briefing out the most effective methods that can be applied to decrease the bounce rate in large percent. I didn't write it in this post as it had been long if I did so. The next is going to be written tomorrow. So, be sure to check the post if you want to know the superb and most effective tips to decrease the bounce rates.

What's next?
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