Friday, June 7, 2013

16 High Page Ranked DoFollow Blog

Before giving the list, I would like to brief out on what is a Dofollow blog first;
According to, dofollow is defined as An internet term reflecting any link that doesn't use 'nofollow'.
 Dofollow means the process of backlinking of your website/blog with other websites/blogs. 
Whenever you post or comment or write a guest article or get featured on the other blogs by an chance, then your link is also mentioned in that website and you get a backlink for your site.

Why Dofollow?
The answer is simple, The more links you have, the more traffic and exposure you'll get. If you have your blog's link in high ranked websites in a large number then, Alexa won't mind to rank you high and also due to your link on these big sites, you'll get a rush of visitors.
By this your blog's reputation and rank will both soar up.

Now comes the main article: List of High ranked Dofollow Blogs
The links that are listed below are all dofollow links and if you become able to submit your link to all of these, be sure you're gonna be successful and the list is;

Note: These URLs of these blogs are in random pagerank. I don't want to dominate the ranks so, I kept them in random. Don't think that the topmost URL is of highest rank and the bottom one is of Lower one. They're all kept in random. All I wanted to show you was what are Dofollow blogs and a list of Dofollow blogs with whom you should try to link with and I think I've done that.

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