Friday, September 27, 2013

Things that motivate you to Write

In this post, I'm going to list out some of the things that motivates a writer to write in a blog or website. if you're lacking interest in writing, make sure you follow these things and get motivated.

  • Traffic
 Traffic is one of the major thing that motivates a writer to write. If your blog is getting huge amount of traffic then, there's a feeling or motivation from inside of you, which tells you to write even more because you feel that you'll be paid off for the work that you do. As I write things based on my personal experience, this is also one of my experience. When any of my post/ blog gets huge page views then I feel like writing even more stuffs in my blog, just like I'm writing this blog post.
Every new post is written on this blog based on the stats of the previous one.

  • Care from Readers
 By the sub-heading, I want to say "sharing is caring". If your blog posts gets shared by your visitors and readers, you've a feeling inside you to write even more because they'll be viewed by your  readers and loved by them. This leads to writing articles frequently and with good quality.
Talking of my personal experience in this sub-heading, my blog's posts are getting good shares from the social network. My posts are getting much shares and liked by my readers and that also motivates me to write a new post here on this blog.

  • Comments and Suggestions
 Comments and Suggestions really motivate us to write. Suppose, you write an article on your blog and it got a good response with lots of comments and strong suggestions regarding the article. When you see the suggestions, you feel like they're caring for you and your blog and you won't like to disappoint them. So, you'll write great articles and often so than your readers get awesome stuffs regularly from you.

  • Questionnaires
 Now, lets come to the final point of this article and that's the questionnaires. Lets say you wrote an article about ways of making money online and your article got a good response. Also, in the comments or Email, you got few questions that are related  to your blog's article, lets say how to apply for Adsense. When you get that question, you probably won't like to disappoint your valuable reader. So, you'll write a brief comment or possibly a new article in your blog because it'll add one more page in your blog.
So, questionnaires from the readers are really valuable and that will motivate you to write an extra article in your blog.

Final Words,
Take the above mentioned points as reference and make a habit of asking your readers if they have any confusion regarding the article or not. You can provide your Email, where they can send their query or the comment box. Also make habit of replying to the reader's comment. Don't disappoint them in any cost becuase they're your source of income in the future. 

If you got any confusion relating to the post, feel free to write in in the comment section or you can email me by clicking here:  I'll try to solve your problem ASAP!

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