Saturday, September 28, 2013

6 Easy tips to increase comments in your Blog

In this post, I'm going to briefly describe some of the strategies that can help you to generate more comments in your blog. As I write everything from my personal experience, the strategies that I'm going to mention here are also tested by me and they have really turned out great with success. So, use these tips and you'll also be getting more comments than you're getting now. That's for sure.

  • Encouraging to comment
When you write an awesome article( by awesome, I mean all of your articles in your blog), make sure you make it easy for them to raise their questions. By this I mean to say that in each and every unique post you create, take some more time to write some more words asking your readers if they've any problems or queries regarding that particular post and encourage them to post their queries using the chat box. This method surely increases the comments number in your post and the more the comment in your blog post, the more the comments in your blog.

  • Replying to the comments
 Sometimes, we get to see such blogger who don't care about the comments from their valuable readers. Make sure you never try to follow these fools. Whenever you get a comment/query from your reader, make sure you reply to their queries using the same comment box. This not only helps to increase the number of comments in your blog, but also encourages your reader to view your blog frequently. So, make habit of replying to the comments from your blog's readers.

  • Harnessing the Power of Google+
Google + is one of the most powerful service, by which you can increase your comments. Whenever you post an awesome article, be sure to share it in Google+. Google+ provides an awesome facility to post your article's link to a specific page or group and as the page/group will have the people interested in your blog, they'll certainly read your post and comment on your post.

  • Making it easy to Comment
 If you want comments,make sure you make it easy for them to comment. Don't put the long and tedious forms in your comments because that will bore your readers to comment. Always make it easy so that your readers can comment easily.

  • Using Google+ comments 
 Now, this tip is only for the Blogger hosted blogs. Here in blogger, we have an awesome facility to make our blogs connected with Google+ and use Google+ comments on your blog.  Commenting using Google+ comments is just like commenting on a status or picture in Facebook. All you have to do is type the comment and hit share Button. So, its really easy to generate comments if you have Google+ enabled in your blog.

  • Requesting your colleagues to comment
 Now, this is the greatest way to increase comments in your blog. Whenever you write an article and post link on Facebook or Google+, you can request your friends to take a glimpse of your latest article and add a comment. The real point is that when you request for such an easy thing, they won't refuse it because they won't have to waste much time and for that they're getting a blessing or Thank You message. So, they'll surely comment in your blog and the numbers of comments will increase rapidly.

Finally, comments are really powerful. They can really help your blog to raise in standard because whenever a new visitor comes to your blog and sees there are huge number of comments, he'll surely like to add one. That's a basic nature of Human Beings. So, try to get as much comments you can in your blog and that will help provide you one more step in becoming a successful blogger.

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