Wednesday, October 9, 2013

7 success tips that our room teach us

7 secrets of success that you can find in your room!

In this post, I'm going off the Topic of the Blog but, this will surely interest you and this Article will surely teach you something.
Below is gives a list of 7 things  that we need to learn from our Room.
  • 1. Roof says- Aim high
  • 2. Fan says- Be cool always
  • 3. Clock says- Every minute is precious
  • 4. Mirror- Reflect on yourself b4 u act
  • 5. Window- See the world
  • 6. Calendar- Be up to date
  • 7. Door- Don't miss opportunity
See, We can get things to learn and everything nearby us and in our surrounding teaches us something.
So, try to go deep in anything that's around you. That's going to make you successful in your Life.


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